The fourth and final annual assessment by the Panel,  An Independent Mission: the voluntary sector in 2015, was published on 11 February 2015.  Here’s what the  Chair of the Panel, Sir Roger Singleton CBE, says about it in the Guardian as well as Third Sector and Civil Society coverage and a blog by David Ainsworth.

Independence Panel Report_An Independent Mission PR-1

Here’s what Sir Roger Singleton, the Chair of the Panel, had to say on the day the report was published.

The Panel’s third annual assessment, Independence Undervalued: the Voluntary Sector in 2014, was published in January 2014.

Independence undervalued_the voluntary sector in 2014 sleeve image

The second of its four annual assessments, Independence under Threat: the Voluntary Sector in 2013, was published in January, 2013, including an executive summary.

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The Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector published the first of its annual statements on independence, Protecting Independence: the Voluntary Sector in 2012, on 9th January 2102.

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To help it gather evidence and views, The Panel published a consultation report on 14th July 2011.

The initial consultation has now ended.  For more information on who responded, click here.

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